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Beyond the Dust LLC is dedicated to making your home feel like home again. Many people feel defeated in their own houses because of cramped-up spaces and a dirty environment that always seems to remain that way no matter their effort. We deploy expert cleaning tactics to reach depths and angles untouched before. Our professional and friendly team can handle anything from dusting light fixtures, spot treating baseboards, cleaning dirty appliances, and organizing closets all while you enjoy some precious me-time.

We will clean up your home professionally to free it from any illness-causing bacteria while giving it a fresh and luxurious new look you didn’t think was possible.

The Company
The Owner

About the Owner


Nichole Arnolie

Beyond the Dust LLC was founded by Nichole Arnolie, a Professional Organizer who graduated from Pitzer College in Claremont California with a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Studies. She is also a full-time mother to her son Kyle. Nichole has always found cleaning and organizing therapeutic as she believes that neat and smart home spaces support positive mental health.

With the goal of helping clients foster good mental health through a clean and healthy home environment, Nichole founded Beyond the Dust LLC in March of 2020 right when the pandemic began. She hopes that through providing professional organizing and cleaning solutions, people can feel safer, happier, and healthier in their own homes while still enjoying time for themselves and their loved ones.



Kid DeGerminator

 Son of Nichole, Kyle is an energetic and inspirational boy who helps keep his mom on her toes and helps her find all sorts of new and inventive ways to keep households clean and organized!

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